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How AI, Data Analytics Will Fundamentally Transform Financial Industry

11 April 2018 -- David Hardoon, Monetary Authority of Singapore Chief Data Officer, discusses how Artificial Intelligence and data analytics will impact the financial industry. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."

Banks Revamp Financial Services With Technology to Win Customers

24 June 2018 --With the fintech industry expected to reach US$265 billion by 2025, banks are looking into ways to woo customers with digital money management. But what should customers consider before using robo-advisories for wealth management?

Coming Events

29 November 2018

International Symposium: Future Finance, New Financial Supervision

Session 1: Financial Service and Financial Supervision Using Big Data - Korea

19 October 2018

Community of Practice for Competition and Economic Regulation("COPCOMER") REgulator's Tea, on the theme of Artificial Intelligence("AI")

19 September 2018

SGX Tec Symposium - Theme: Sustainable Artificial Intelligence - Singapore

13 September 2018

Private Presentation - Singapore

10 September 2018

Attend and Speak at 2nd Conference on Technology Applied to Securities Markets Enforcement ("TASMEC") - Switzerland

6 September 2018

"Sooner Than You Think" Bloomberg Live  - Money, Money, Money: The New Rules of the Game - Singapore 

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6 September 2018

AI Ethics and Governance Workshop Prime Minister Office -  Singapore

16 August 2018

Singapore Healthcare Management Congress "Leveraging Data, Analytics and Visualization" -  Singapore 

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